Filming "Omnifax" from the camera car.
Filming at the "Marco Polo" at the Hamilton
Census 2009 filming Russian Motivation Spot
Census Team 2009
Census 2009 Russian Awareness Spot
Census production in 2009
Census 2010
Louise brings a 4 K as Fisher dolly is readied.
Louise adjusts the Arri 4 K.
Crew hoists Fisher Dolly onto channel wheels.
Census 2010
Gary Greig shoots the Red One on dolly with rain cover
Under the Whitehurst Freeway "Commitment"
Jake Bulgarino on steadicam with Wandering Hat
Forrest Whittaker working on "A T & T shoot at the National Portrait Gallery
Prepping for GMU "Accessability"
Martin tracking action GMU
Review of Steadicam GMU
Chris Vo with his hand made drone.
Crane Dolly shot "Hard Fix"
Crane Dolly shot "Hard Fix".
Sean Sonnenburg runs the audio pole "Hard fix".
Sean Sonnenburg and our star Pete Papageorge on last day for "Hard Fix"
Chad Nagle and Lyon Beckwith in "Hard Fix"
Terry Perry Cinematographer "Hard Fix"
First shooting day at Irish Times for "Hard Fix"
Circular dolly move "Hard Fix".
Dolly shot on the sidewalk "Hard Fix"
Filming on the street for "Hard Fix"
Filming at Irish Times in the basement on "Hard Fix"
Production team "Marco Polo" at the Hamilton
Shane Yeager of DC Visionaries directs talent for Comcast spot "Hook & Reel"
Gus Soodah shoots the "Hook & Reel" Spot.
Ross on dolly.jpg
On location in Hampton Roads shooting stills of F15 fighter planes
Shooting and being cast for American Diabetic Brochure
 Snikiddy commercial with Jan Johns and Chris Keener as the "Parents". Wandering Hat production company, I was the Gaffer.
Jan Johns & Chris Keener
Snikiddy 2012  7177 web.jpg
Snikiddy 2012  7186 web.jpg
Snikiddy Commercial
Filming "The Seer" Wandering hat and Aubrey Deeker
the seer 2010  12554.JPG
the seer 2010  12633.JPG
Aubrey Deeker
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