ACI replacing a boiler in a basement.
ACI the boiler
Boiler winched in on tracks
ACI planning on boiler install
ACI Team with boiler installed.
ACI NIH 2015 3.jpg
ACI Greenaway 2015 37.jpg
ACI NIH 2015 10.jpg
ACI NIH 2015 12.jpg
ACI installing an AC Chiller on the roof.
Communicating with the crane.
Chiller in place.
Church of God
Paramount Theatre Charlottesville, Va
Schwartz Center
GW Auditorium shot with Linhof 4 by 5 for Barbizon Capital
GW Studio
Gallery Place
Arab TV Studio
Channel 12 Richmond VA
Channel 12 Richmond Va
National Geographic Studio with Arri and Mole Richardson Fixtures
National Geographic Studio
Smithfield Theatre
Bishop Ireton Theatre
Reno strip in the evening NRLCA Convention
Rio in Gaithersburg, MD
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