Dick Cheeseman.jpg
Caregivers portraits 2011  9110.jpg
Caregivers portraits 2011  9104.jpg
Horse and Owner eye to eye.jpg
Man at Arms Reforged
Ryan Kerrigan with Marlo Furniture
Gardner Britt and Sons
Seda Persian cat web.jpg
Scarborough Band
Fourth of July at the Navy and Marine Memorial
Blind man seeing a sculpture at the Hirschorn
Chimp and his Bud
Brian & Cherries rt.jpg
Christmas Present
Reggie Bennett
Young crabber Eastern Shore
Sculpture Garden
Law Firm
Ameritel load in
Mark Lohr classic Vaudeville Clown at Ashley Opening
Mark Lohr balances my 8 foot ladder on his chin!
Mark Lohr balances on the top of my eight foot ladder!
Pee Wee Martin tours Gettysburg Battlefield.
Susan Eisenhower and Jim Pee Wee Martin at her family home.
Wayne Cutz "Heavyweight Champion of Cuts"
US Royalty
US Royalty 2013  6026.jpg
US Royalty
US Royalty
This project was filmed and stills were shot handheld with Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR at 1/40th of a second
Redskins Super Bowl XXII Champion QB Doug Williams for VanGrack
Cowboy Kev and Marie web.jpg
President of UMBC
Woman with dog web.jpg
Art director web.jpg
Valerie Moss Realtor
Kevin beeken web.jpg
Kevin beeken bck web.jpg
Bean Kinney & Korman Group 2009 #1.jpg
Bean Kinney & Korman fine 2.jpg
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