1963 Studebaker Avanti
 Laurence Loewy with the PRR GG1 in Roanoke Va.
1953 Studebaker Commander
1963 Avanti owned by Lewis Schucart
Tom Kellogg & Laurence Loewy at an Avanti meet.
Studebaker R3 Supercharged Engine
Avanti R2 Supercharged 289
Tucker Madawick, Laurence Loewy and the 1950 Studebaker Bullet
Laurence Loewy at entrance to the Raymond Loewy show at MODA
Laurence Loewy regards the Dole dispenser for Coca Cola
Tom Kellogg and Ross Stansfield in Palm Springs
Raymond Hagley cover final.jpg
Raymond Hagley mg final.jpg
Raymond Hagley  2 mag  final.jpg
David Hagerman addresses the crowd at the Loewy Gallery Opening
1959 Dorsett Catalina restored by Ross Stansfield
1950 Studebaker at the Link
Loewy Gallery an hour before the opening
Line up of four Loewy designs for Studebaker
1953 Studebaker Loewy Coupe leaving the Link.
David Hagerman and Ross Stansfield with the 1959 Dorsett
Laurence Loewy & Ross with the 1934 Sear Coldspot at Moda
Laurence Loewy with the 1959 United Jukebox at Moda.
Laurence Loewy with the Creuset Coquelle Dutch Oven
Laurence Loewy at Moda with the Coca Cola Dole dispenser
LL & coke 2.JPG
LL & radios.JPG
Laurence Loewy & David Hagerman
Lewis Schucart and his restored 1963 Avanti in St Louis, Mo.
Avanti brochure web.jpg
Avanti brochure 2 Tom web.jpg
Avanti brochure 3 web.jpg
Brad Blevins & Matt Borchelt in 1963 Avanti jumpseat
Tom Kellogg Av mag  rt.jpg
Avanti prototype rendering
Avanti prototype rendering
Ross Sun article Loewy web copy.jpg
Ross Sun article page web copy.jpg
Tom prototype convertible Avanit.jpg
Tom Modern prototype.jpg
Tom race car.jpg
Tom Rolls Royce.jpg
Tom future concept 2.jpg
Tom future concept.jpg
Tom Jetsons.jpg
Tom concept cars.jpg
Streamlined Avanti Mag web.jpg
Streamlined Avanti ross web.jpg
Streamlined Avanti  web 3.jpg
Time Loewy cover copy rt.jpg
Croix De Guerre
Hallicrafters T-54 TV 7 Inch tube with 13 Channels
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